I felt like I was in an action movie!

Date: 2/27/2017

By Chocofong

So I don't quite remember what happened first but I dreamt of being in Japan at first (most likely somewhere in Tokyo but looked like I was in Richmond in BC) and my house was there for some reason and my sister asked me to go and eat with her and I thought she meant twelve in the afternoon and it was past twelve in the afternoon so I said no but then I called my friend "G" to go out and eat with me but I don't know what happened after that but I ended up being in my sisters car with her and it was dark outside and I felt like it was twelve at night but it was actually around 6-8pm during the winter season but there were no snow there. The sky was pitch black but there were buildings with lights on so it wasn't completely pitch black. After that I don't know what happened but it was morning time and I was in a van with all my family member including my niece and nephew and my family decided to play gun shooting game we got some bullets and guns and were split into 2 teams also each bullet had a different power. The bullet was shaped like a bullet and it was blue and you would need to stick an individual bullet in the gun and each individual bullet had a pattern on the bottom which had different meanings / use for it. We were playing this in my neighbourhood and I was at my aunts house along with my team (and I didn't recognize their faces, none of them were a family member) and then it was time to spread ourselves out and I ended up being alone (solo time~), there was no one around me so I had to move spots so I can shoot someone. So I ran to my house and there were lots of my enemies there so I had to hide (I hid myself right beside the back door but inside the house) and I had get my gun ready, and that's when I saw the legend/the information of which bullet meant what. There was a bullet which had the power of the bazooka even though the bullet was a regular sized bullet (they all were) they also had a bullet that had the same amount of power as grenade. So I picked a bullet that had the same amount of power as the ones that polices use (so a regular bullet). I was all set and walked out of the house and I looked around an saw a lot of souls looking like ghosts floating in the air on the same spot, so i assumed that that's where people died and that they can't join the battle once they're dead. So I went out of my house and decided to find a new place to kill because I had a weird feeling staying there and I started to head out to the directions where I came from which was my aunts place and then saw two enemies and so I ran to the opposite direction and felt a presence of a sniper and so I ran back to the direction that I went first, feeling that I could kill them but then I changed my mind and decided to go back and make the sniper use her bullet and attack her AND I knew which bullet she was using. She was using the bullet that had the power of a grenade. So I tried to lure her in by standing there looking scared and then I had a feeling she was going to take her shot so I ran towards the back door while trying to see where that sniper was hiding and as soon as I ran, she release the bullet (she missed) and BOOM! There was a lot of fire but lucky me, I dodged it and I saw where she was hiding, by shooting that bullet and I aimed right there and I killed her. I was so happy! (I suck at playing these games, so when I got her I was really satisfied with myself.) after that I remembered the other two that was on the opposite side(so behind me) and so I though that was the reason why they didn't chase after me or come too close to me or after me. So I took the chance and ran away, through the fire and I ran in a letter 'J' formation(?) Then that's when I started to see more enemies and I needed some bullets so I randomly took one out and shot them as I was running and for some reason I was lucky that I didn't take out the bullet that could kill everyone. Then I arrived at the area where I was at my friends house (K and A's house) and I was near their backyard and I decided to head towards the mall even though I just got there. As I was running towards the mall, I happened to encounter my enemies there. There were three of them, two males and one female. The female stood in the middle and they were all dressed in suits like they were security guard or some secret agent and they weren't holding a regular gun like me but all three of them had a gigantic bazooka (it was like the same width and height as them) which I thought it was unfair but then I used my head and thought to myself that I should used this chance to kill them as soon as possible because it would definitely take a long time to place that on their shoulders and shoot it. During that time I was running I was thinking of whether I should use a regular bullet or one of the stronger bullets that can kill all three of them, but in the end i decided to use my regular bullets and kill them one by one. So as all three of them were bringing up their bazooka to their shoulders, I shot the girl first and then both of the guys right beside her placed their gun on the floor at the same time and catch her so she doesn't fall to the ground. (Like damn girl! You got two guys chasing after you) what I didn't realize was that I was still running and that's when I thought I was so stupid and I couldn't kill of the other guys and I just continued running towards the mall... And then I woke up by this guy who was yelling outside of my neighbour house.