Lowkey Super Powers

Date: 8/27/2017

By SHeesch26

I'm at my high school, still a student, and going through my day as normal except for the fact that I'm living with a secret: I have super powers. At first I'm buy our concession stand but suddenly we're all outside, walking through a heavily wooded area. My friend Austin finds me and he was either leaving or I hadn't seen him in awhile so we hug and then begin to walk uphill through this forest (that's still near the school). We get to a stopping point when Mrs Davidson and Kadee appeared behind us. Mrs Davidson mentioned she used to live over the hill and there was a beautiful area over there but she never got a picture of it. I told her to let me take her phone, to trust me, and to not ask questions (because I was going to fly there and take a picture). As I walked away to fly in secrecy, I walked through the school to fly out from the parking lot and somehow I knew I needed to get dress clothes for a music concert that night. I take off and get to what used to be where Mrs Davidson lived but it's now a massive apartment complex in a valley on top of a mountain. A sense of disappointment falls over me until I realize I'm running out of time to get my dress clothes. I zoom home in an instant (my home is rotated so that our upstairs balcony is facing east, with that bedroom also being mine) and land down by my car, where I thought I saw something in the backseat but wasn't worried about it. I fly you too my room where a friend (Logen, Tanner, or someone) is there and we talk shortly. Then he says that's whatever is in my car is moving. I fly back down and McKenzie Mertens pops out (looking gorgeous) and stares at me with some attitude.