The bass fish museum?

Date: 5/20/2017

By Elaina

If anyone can tell me what this dream might mean please comment (note: the end of the school year is coming soon and I honestly think I might be in love with the guy I mention at the end) - So I was on a field trip with my freshman class to this museum and it was about this giant fish that lived under the museum but the lobby was so cool it was like cream colored and had lots of cool details on the walls and there were multiple stair cases everywhere. The instructor of the museum took the whole class on the elevator down to the base fish. He said for volunteers to go on the elevator down into the water where the fish was while everyone stood on this railing that was around the giant pool of water the fish was in. My friend volunteered and then all of a sudden my dream was in her perspective. She was in this clear tube elevator going down into the water while looking at everyone else standing on the railing looking at her. Then it went back into my perspective before she got all the way down into the water. I realized I was standing next to my crush and we both put our heads on the glass wall so we could see below ourselves. Our heads were leaning on each other and unnoticed how soft his hair felt on my head so I looked up and said "your hair feels like a pillow" and I began running my fingers through his hair while we just smiled at each other in the cutest way. I stopped my hand and his hair was all messed up so I fixed it slowly and at that moment I wanted to kiss him or hug him, hold his hand or something and it kills me now that I didn't because I didn't know I was dreaming.