Digital art, Explore the mysterious corridors of a mysterious building to uncover the secrets of the evil corporation and rescue a kidnapped friend.

The Waterways

Date: 6/9/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I was running through these tunnels which were like little cement waterways that would be out in the open and then connected to the buildings by these cavern tunnel like things. Basically like a sewer that connects the whole town, except not a sewer. Just like creek water. Anyhow i had stumbled on a route from my childhood house to this other giant building filled with gyms and stuff that held all kinds of sports tournaments. At the next point that I can remember well, i had managed to navigate to a floor "B", which the people owning the place (who were like all govt official types) had never let open to the public and claimed it didnt exist. Basically it was this huge conspiracy legend type thing in the town/country, and bam i had revealed it. So now theres people milling all about in this floor where old paint is peeling off the walls and dust is everywhere, but people dont care because they have so many more sports gyms so they have more games to watch! My goal is to somehow expose that this organization that owns this building is doing something behind the scenes causing these people to be so addicted to the games they host. Because literally there are just people everywhere crammed into these gyms just trying to watch basketball and it makes no sense. But also im trying to rescue alisha because one of the head dudes of the corporation had kidnapped her (i dont rememmber why. I had this one ally guy that had shown me the tunnels in the first place who i kind of trusted but i really couldnt trust anyone. Anyway, he kept trying to tell me i needed to explore the tunnels more because there were tons of offshoots and they'd connect to more parts of the building-he was sure it was the key to finding floor "K" which was the lowest one. "B" was the top one, "D" was middle and the one that people had believed was the only one, and "K" was the lowest underground and oldest one that there were only stories about it because no one alive was old enough to remember it. For 1) because the people who remembered it were so old they wer probably already dead, 2) because the evil corp (thats what we gonna call them from now on) had tried to exterminate anyone who had knowledge of it, and 3) because everyone was so consumed by the sports watching whether in person or on television(because there were tons of cameras at all the games televising everything live) that they no longer cared about anything else. Anyway, i disagreed that the tunnels were the solution, there was just something in me that knew the tunnels didnt have the answers, plus they were super complicated and you could get hella lost hella fast and i wasnt about to spend days and weeks trying to map out the tunnels all the while risking getting caught. The tunnels were a place where teens would go hang out and some people would use as shortcuts from one place to another, but most people would stay at the far ends, like where they connected to the buildings because they just kind of morphed into the hallways and there was no water at those parts, they were just kind of a part of the hallways until they kept splintering off the deeper you went until water started to acuumulate and get like a foot deep or so by the time you got to the outside. (at one point there was a huge group rowing down the outdoors part which made zero sense but whatevs) Now i should also note that there are tons of emergency doors, employee only doors, unmarked doors etc all over this evil corp building which you would expect, except that some marked with alarms were not really alarmed and some were, and same goes for those that just said staff only or were just unmarked metal ones. Furthermore, some would be locked and some wouldnt! And of course if you tried to open any of these and one of the evil corp men saw you, youd become suspicious very fast. I however possessed some inate ability/intuition to know which doors would actually have alarms, noisy or silent, and i could slip through doorways undetected most of the time. Basically i could fly under the radar from the evil corp men pretty well. That was how id stumbled upon the B floor, which meant now i had become evil corp enemy #1 which meant they were ALL looking for me. My initial goal had been finding alisha and rescuing her, but i had now become convinced that floor K was the key to finding her so i devoted everything to that. I was weaving in and out of rooms, finding staircases and hidden exits that led to other hallways and basically finding all these hidden passages that the staff would use to get places faster which was why they were so good at catching people. And i would have to get through these gyms filled with hundreds of people and other people playing this weird volleyball/basketball/dodgeball thing all while trying to look inconspicous and still going fast, not to mention avoiding all the cameras and evil corp security dudes. The evil corp men didnt have a picture of my face or anything so most of the time they wouldnt recognize me. Soon they would start catching on when they saw me pushing my way through their gym multiple times and slipping through emergency fire doors that were really just doors to secret staircases etc so it was getting harder and harder every time i hurried through my routes trying to find new doorways because theyd see me and id have to spend time shaking them off my trail and get away from them. I knew they knew, and they knew i knew they knew. It became like an epic video game where i was being continually chased, yet using my special skills i managed to evade them. I had established a route that got me from my house through the tunnels, through floor D up to B and through gyms and stuff to the furthest part i had explored, but this time when i went, the evil corp men had moved stuff, making it impossible for me to keep going. I tried not to panic but i knew the guards were starting to spot me and i had to go into survival mode usuing all my knowledge of the floorplan to escape while still trying to find the missing doorway i needed. This was the part where i kept finding notes and things, like peeking over the shoulders of unsuspecting guards to see writings about my friend. I locked all the information away knowing they were clues to finding her. I found a note that said "bob onion alisha" I starting freaking out because this was the clue I'd needed all along. Now I could find my friend. I ran into an acquaintance of mine around this time who was helping with one of the games and he stopped me to talk to him, which i had to do to not look suspicious--not ALL the guards could recognize me yet. And he was saying how the owner of the place had been impressed with my talent and wanted me to put it to good use working for him. I knew it was a trap and tried to politely decline in a way that wouldnt tip off my friend who despite working for evil corp, clearly had been left in the dark about me. He kept nagging though, and would follow me even when i tried to casually walk away, using some excuse about needing the bathroom. Then i saw swat type troops filing into the gym and i knew the friend had just been there to stall me while they sent in the cavalry. I sprinted off, and managed to duck into one of the secret stairwells which took me to the hallway (still the same floor but theres like 2 hallways on top of each other--one has window walls overlooking gym) However in getting to that stairwell i tried countless doors, that i had used many times before no problem, except they were all locked and my brain was getting fuzzy (i should mention that what i had suspected was going on behind the scenes was that evil corp had been dosing people with certain chemicals that made them complacent and unquestioning so i knew this was a side effect of me being in the building too long, now it was starting to affect me and it was impairing my judgement) People just stared at me as i frantically ran back and forth rechecking every door and theyd just calmly say to me "theyre coming, you wont get away. Youll never win" and i started panicking and i was about to start crying in defeat and just giving up, but then i found the passageway that i used to escape to the upper hallway. Now all the swat teams were in the gym trying to find me in the crowd, and i was outside. I stumbled into my tunnel friend when i was in the hallway and i was so relieved, still on the brink of giving up and turning myself in, but relieved. He of course convinced me not to do that and quickly pulled me into a little side alcove along the hallway that had all the breaker boxes and pipes and stuff in it. There was an old electrician dude in there who we had already established as an ally and i couldnt believe he was still alive, that they hadnt caught him. He told me to look at the breaker boxes which was covered in switches and asked me what i saw. Id looked at other breaker boxes before, as we'd used them in helping us figure out the floorplans-they were what had tipped us off that there were far more rooms in the building than it seemed because there were all these switches unaccounted for. Anyhow, when i looked at it i was lost, didnt know what i was supposed to be seeing. Finally he pointed to a series of switches and i realized that all the power to floor K were on and i got all excited knowing that meant it definitely existed and we could find it. We hatched this plan where we'd turn off all the power to the floor we were on and me and my tunnel friend would be able to sneak out. I asked the electrician where we were supposed to go. I still wasnt leaving without finding floor k but i didnt know how to get to it. The old electrician pointed down the hallway and said "employees only, look down" my heart was racing, did this guy really know how to get to floor k all along and had said nothing? My friend convinced me to trust the guy even though i wasnt sure i could trust either of them. After all whatever they dosed the people with could be affecting them as well, but finally i agreed to trust them. The electrician tells me i have to hit all the switches to cut the power and then run for it, but when i looked at the box i had no clue what i was supposed to do. Finally he said he could do it and we all knew it meant he would be killed when the evil corp men found out he'd helped us. He told us it would be worth it when we succeeded. It was like he knew what was on floor k but couldnt tell us. We silently thanked him and then he pulled the levers and the floor was shrouded in darkness. Me and tunnel dude start sprinting down the hallway, weaving through dazed and confused people, our only light coming from a glowing exit sign at the end of the hallway, which we were heading towards. Of course we werent exactly discreet being the only ones causing a ruckus in the pitch black and the guards were soon on our trail again, flashing flashflights in our direction. I see a curtain across an alcove on my left, similar to the one we just came out of, and on it was a sign saying employees only. Id never been able to get this far down the hallway before because there were so many guards, but with the lights off we sprinted past them all and now it was do or die, we had just one chance. Remembering what the electrician had said, i ripped the curtain to the side, my veins full of adrenaline, and revealed a janitors closet behind it. On the floor was a white grate, like an ac vent, but on the floor and i hurriedly motioned for tunnel dude to help me get it off, and we both KNEW this was the way to floor K. We heard guards stomping and yelling after us and hurriedly we slipped into the chute which went waaaay down and right as my head slipped below the level of the floor- bam. Woke up. Never got to find out what was on floor K. GAHHHHHHHHH Ended up so pissed at this dream I embarked on an entire 4 novel series (we're almost halfway y'all) just so I could figure out what was down on floor k and have it all make sense.