Recurring theme multiple years

Date: 4/18/2017

By Spooped_gurl

So I constantly have dreams themed that I know I'm dead and in some type of afterlife. I'm always searching for something (be it information, artifacts, someone etc.). I'm usually traveling by flying with bat wings on my back or sometimes driving a car around places I've never been to in real life but feel familiar in the dream. It usually involves like a mirror version of my irl surroundings where the lay of the land is wrong but I know where I'm going. Usually there will be nothing but woods or abandoned cities. Other times I'll be in old buildings that have been burned out or some other type of damage and abandoned. I usually feel like someone or something is chasing/searching for me and I have to be hurrying up in my search. The person is kinda like a supernatural being. He's around 6'4", very muscular, handsome, has large bat-like wings on his back, black hair, has a trimmed beard and has either matte black or golden mirrored sunglasses on. I know he has some sort of unnatural powers and can be dangerous but somehow just wants to capture me for some reason. One time he actually caught me and shook me real hard and told me I wasn't "supposed to be here yet" and I woke up.