harry styles

Date: 6/27/2017

By claire_davis

In my dream, for some reason, if you worked in the music industry, you had to go to some type of check up in Paris, France to make sure your singing skills were up to par. Harry Styles, obviously being a singer, had to participate in this. He told me he sang "Sign Of The Times" but he was nervous because he thought he didn't do well. I told him that it was okay because he's a phenomenal singer and a phenomenal person and if he felt that he didn't do well, then all he has to do is practice. He tells me that practicing is a good idea. Then it cuts to me, sitting on a chair in my living room singing "From The Dining Table," the last song on his new album, in his voice. My sister is laying down on the couch in front of me and my dad is in the kitchen making coffee. Both of them don't pay attention to my singing. I think the weird part is that when I sleep, I listen to music to block out my dog's barking in the morning and "From The Dining Table" is on that playlist, but "Sign Of The Times" is not. idk i thought i should add that cuz i think it's interesting lmao