Date: 3/9/2017

By emilyassoulin

I am at work and everyone is gathered in the parking lot. There is a white van and everyone is lined up behind it. The person in charge tell us that each worker will receive an animal that they will be taking care of. At first i am holding a cute little baby panda, but then they give me a small white dog to take care of. I am watching the dog every second making sure it is safe and that i don't lose it. I am now in a large house. All i can see is the living room and a small room to the left of it. There are people sitting the table in the kitchen playing cards. I need to go to the room. For some reason im naked. I run past the table of people to the room holding a small piece of fabric against me. I have no idea where the dog is that i am suppose to be taking care of.