I made out with Brendon Urie.

Date: 3/30/2017

By XxTheCalmxX

It started with my family and I walking walking around a neighborhood looking for myself a new house to stay in. I found one that was being lived in by a man who wanted a roommate so I ended up moving in. This man was ugly and quite strange and he said that there was another man that lived there he was just at work at the moment he would be home in about an hour... so I said cool and sat in the living room watching tv and adjusting to my new living arrangements. An hour or two comes by and the new man walks in, he is tall.. slim and attractive. I got excited thanking that he was my new roommate. A few months go by almost a year and all three of us have become best friends, the strange mans name was Matt and the attractive ones name was brendon. We were sitting in the living room talking and I said I wanted a soda, so I went outside and down some stairs to a small outside area that had vending machines. (I guess we all had moved to a new apartment complex.) I dug in my pocket for some change and dropped my quarter, I bent over to pick it up, as I bent over my butt touched Someone's hand, I shot straight up and turned around seeing it was brendon. My attraction to him I guess has turned into a lame school girl Crush so I began to get nervous, he just smiled and started to say something before I shoved the quarter in the machine and hit the Dr.pepper button, a diet dr.pepper popped out. I grabbed it turned to brendon and said "who the fuck drinks dr.pepper any ways?" And bolted back upstairs. Cut to me now sitting in a passengers seat in a car with brendon was now driving, we were small talking. Me:"where are we going?" Brendon: "on a date dude." Me:"a date?" Brendon:"well yeah, it was planned by me and my other friends that every two weeks we all go on a date to a super cool new place and we bring one new friend so we can all get to know once another." Me:"oh.. ok that's seems cool." My soul was crushed it seemed like, I had thought that the "date" we were going on was an actual date and that Brendon was as attracted to me as I was him and we could have been a "thing" . A few moments go by and we are still heading over to the date meet up spot, we pass our old highschool. (That I recognize as my old highschool named tenoroc.) Brendon: "the gardening in the front courtyard looks pathetic." Me: (noticing the cherry blossom trees fashioned to look like a luck dragon was dying and the others that looks like other animals were now over grown and patchy.). "You're right" We finally meet up at the place and it is a small cafe that has no seats, but you sit on the floor at a small table (Japanese style maybe?) and I am now sitting next to brendon and across the table from a girl who reminds me of Grav3yard girl from YouTube, she is talking a lot and is extremely energetic, we got into the topic of spiders somehow... and I am terrified of them, then all a sudden randomly behind her I see a tarantula pop out of the small vent behind her, I automatically jump from the table and leave the cafe and hide in Brendon's car. Brendon runs out to me and asks what's wrong, we begin to talk. Me:"I am terrified of spiders and I just saw a big ass fluffy one pop out of the vent behind that girl." Brendon: "oh, I'm so sorry I didn't know you were that afraid of them.. I thought you were just grossed out by them... it was a prank." I got upset and I remained silent now not looking at Brendon. Brendon:"hey you have something on your cheek.." I turn to look at him in confusion and he swoops in and kisses me on the cheek leaving me in shock. Brendon: "I'm sorry..." Brendon then begins kissing me and we get intense, he crawls over to me into my seat where he is now on me, I guess when he did so his foot turned on the radio and we were making out to "Mona Lisa". Panic! At the disco. Then it hits me, Brendon is actually the singer from the group and I'm his roommate, now girlfriend and we are making out in his car to his song. -I wake up- (Ok honestly this dream left me confused seeing as how I am a 21 year old woman with a daughter and fiancé who no longer "fan girls" over band members... I feel like I am resorting back to my childhood and I just had a dream that happened to be a fanfic.)