Improvement class, Fat pizza 🍕 and Killing Floor for PS2.

Date: 3/2/2017

By richilye

I arrived at some school and then I was told to wait until there was a free spot where I was going. They said I could wait in the "student improvement class" or just "improvement class", it was one of those 2. They said I may learn something in there while waiting, so I went inside. It was on the 2nd floor had 2 big windows and a wall in the middle of both with the same lenght as the window, the walls were somewhat of light orange. There were most kids in there, about 7 y.o+ and I think 1 or 2 teenagers or adults, there were 2 teachers, they were really gentle. I went inside and was feeling very shy , since I didn't know anyone there, I'm normally shy, unless i'm with someone I know. I sat down alone on the desk in the middle, the other people were in the desks on the back right side mostly, the teachers were in the front talking on their desk, ocasionally they would talk to some of the students. I was waiting and trying to not do something weird, nobody tried to talk with me, so I decided to just wait or perhaps take a nap. A pizza arrived, a very fat 4 cheese pizza 🍕, the teachers asked who wanted some, people started calling out. I did want it, but I felt out of place, so I didn't say anything and just stared, even thou I was trying to not stare too much and give it away that I wanted it. They kept giving people some slices, then another pizza arrived, it was ham(or pig sausage, i don't really remember), I felt kinda sad that there was 2 slices left of the cheese pizza and I wouldn't get any, still I said nothing. One of the teachers approached me and gave me the last slice, she then said "I hope you don't mind waiting here for a while", I said "no, it's fine" while somewhat embarrased. scene change. I was fixing the school's computer on the principal or theachers's room, I finished it and then saw that they had a Virtual windows XP on it, I got curious about their hardware, I wanted to check, but didn't, nor did I ask them anything I found a sheet with specs of some computer with an i3 or i2 on it. then I went back to their computer and saw that it couldn't have a low-end cpu, as it had some heavy games on the virtual machine as well. I then saw they made an .iso of some game, I opened the disk driver and saw a PS2 killing Floor inside it, I thought if it was mine that they borrowed or someone else's. I them took the CD and thought wven if it wasn't mine they already have a copy and that I also could return it at anytime if it wasn't mine, I was gonna take it home and make an .iso just in case. END.