ghost cowgirl that said yeehaw

Date: 7/31/2019

By ro

(so before we get into this just know that before this i saw a post on instagram about what to do if there’s a cowboy standing at your bed. that’s probably where this dream came from.) ~~~ i was standing with a group of people. we were going to go on a field trip. one of the people was a little girl. i heard someone say she was actually a ghost. then we went on the field trip, to some big landscape with hills and stuff that turned out to be an amusement park. the leader of the group stopped all of a sudden and said, “did you hear that?”. we stopped and listened, and heard a faint “yee haw” in the distance. then, out of nowhere, the little girl/ghost started screaming “yee haw”. it turns out she was a cowgirl ghost, and she was evil. they communicated in “yee haws” and the cowgirl ghost was telling the other “yee-haw ghosts” where we were, so we ran. then the cowgirl ghost started flying. we were all running for our lives. then the cowgirl ghost stopped us and gave one of us a menu. she said the only not-evil thing about this evil yee-haw amusement park situation was that you get to eat anything you want. the menu had pictures of good food on it. cowgirl ghost said that the catch is if she catches the menu from you, you die. one by one she gives each of us the menu, then chases us. also when she gives you the menu, she transfers some flying powers to you. it was my turn. i tried to get as much food as i could while keeping the menu away from cowgirl ghost while she was chasing me and we were both flying. then i hit the sky, which turned out to be a solid ceiling. the end.