Date: 8/16/2017

By 311708345

I was with a handsome man (think just for me n with an edge) and we were on the run somehow (xmen?) and decided to duck into a movie. Got into an argument. I slapped him and stomped out -- accidentally used my "power" on him, disabled him for awhile. walked out thru a crowd to a man (handsome, younger) with a camera, trying to get him to walk and talk with me as a "cover". told him he could have one picture if he walked with me (to blend in for cover). he was amazed by who I was. first man catches up, protesting that he got slapped, but was not super angry - who is that guy, are you mad at me , etc? in a loving, weedling way. wrapped me in a hug, saying "mmm I love fcking you in ass" just saying to "mark his territory " from other guy. I laugh and say shut up, there are kids here. (reoccurring place -- movie had image of imploding canyons from previous dreams - s. America maybe Chile in my mind)