08 july 2017

Date: 7/8/2017

By verisiel

i was in a lab but there were people specializing in design as well. I was on a rolly chair being pushed (no one was pushing me tho) through the isles of people working. it felt like i was disturbing them but they didn't mind at all. I got to the books and bookshelves and i picked up a book with illustrations from game of thrones centred around the nights watch and beyond the wall. i wanted to show that i was into game of thrones lol i get to some confusing isles after that. i don't remember what was there tbh but i think it was food. i went to look at what this guy was doing (i think he was cooking) and he was showing me and i ate a little and then we looked at each other and we were so close so we just kissed. it wasn't v good and he wasn't moving his lips at all, anyway i moved on and the scenes change drastically. A lady (middle eastern or italian but speaks a middle eastern language), is filming a show in a public space it seems like and she makes friends with a young teen girl, her dad is eventually introduced, the host wants to give him some cash for the trouble, he opens his wallet and shows her that he doesnt need it and lightheartedly smacks the wallet ontop of her head. the host is v goofy so it worked in a way. very goofy and lighthearted atmosphere. the three walk and talk for awhile(no clue abt what) in like an underground subway walkway. dream scape changes, i am comparing tokyo streets and entertainment (particularly casinos ) with a communist country. (tokyo is better obvs). i am transported to the particular places when i speak abt them. dreamscape chnages, i am w my mom and we walk to a place using metro, and i think its my old school that we arrive at (latimer but it doenst look like latimer), and it is a concrete ruin. we walk around and i make mention that the bombers target schools bc they dont belive in our education and that we should actually probably leave rn as there was still risk of bombing from planes above. we leave quickly back into the metro, but there were guys that saw us and mom makes mention that she is worried abt it, so i tell her to hurry up and we run through the empty metro corriders until we get to the populated place that has the trains. i have lost my shoes off my feet (my nikes). apparently they are the second nikes i've lost, and i will probably go home with no other sneaker. eventually we are above ground and walking in a populated area and those guys are still following,