Titan Apocalypse

Date: 5/28/2017

By MariPleez

So the dream took place at my "school," although it wasn't my actual school, as it was a skyscraper. The dream didn't start off in my point of view though. I was watching a meeting discussing peace between the mayor or something, and the tribe leader of the titans. The titan leader had blue skin, and was wearing a brown top. I remember it was a female, and that she was taller than the skyscraper. After that, it switched to my point of view. I walked into my classroom, and the first thing i noticed was that my girlfriend, who's seat was in the back of the room in a corner, was crying. I tried to make my way to her, but the isles that led to her seat were too narrow, so i couldn't. Eventually class ended, and I went over to her after she had stood and the isles had cleared. I remember i wanted to hug her, but i was holding too much, so i rested my chin on her shoulder, kissed her cheek, and asked if she was okay earlier. She said no, but that it doesn't matter now. It was at around that time, that a siren went off that signaled everyone to get out of the building (the titan meeting didn't go well). We all grabbed our stuff, which for me was a heavy backpack, and began to flee. I took hold of my girlfriend's hand, and we started to run. During an emergency escape, you aren't supposed to take the elevator, so we had to run down a bunch of flights of stairs, which were become very distorted. By this point, she had begun to cry again. I think a titan tried to hit the building or something, so we dropped all our stuff so we could escape quicker. Near the bottom floor, there was a door that led out of the concrete stairwell and onto a balcony of sorts, which had a less crowded stairway down to the ground. I went through that door, then realized that I had let go of her hand at some point. Just as I was about to run back in for her, she busted out of the door alongside her sister and her friends. And that's all i can remember.