chasing aliens with scully

Date: 2/7/2017

By twilson37

Wish I had recorded this earlier. Chasing aliens with a scully. Moulder not there. He was sick? Dying? Dream changed, then it was Buck who was sick. A lot of pain. He needed acetaminophen not ibuprofen. I had to go get it. Mission of most critical importance. Someone stole the car. I was stuck at a motel. By the time I got back, an ambulance had taken Buck to the hospital. I think I was reliving in some weird way my last night with my husband. From my journal... So much pain! Posted 09-26-2010 at 11:30 PM DH is back in the hospital. They did a couple of tests to try to pinpoint the cause of this spasm he is experiencing. I've never seen someone in so much pain. It's gut wrenching. To make it worse, DH has a very high tolerance to pain killers. I'm amazed that he hasn't OD'd on all the drugs they have injected into him today. Since 3am he has had: At Home: 2 Lortab 7.5's At ER: 3 doses of Dilaudid 2 Percocet 10's At Home: 1 Lortab 10 1 Percocet 10 Admitted to Hospital: 4 mg Morphine 1 Percocet 10 4 mg Morphine 1 Percocet 10 6 mg Morphine They're giving him Morphine every 2 hours and Percocet every 4. I'm afraid that we will eventually come to a point where they will have to medically induce a coma to control pain. They called me the next morning wanting to do exploratory surgery. He never regained consciousness. Died a week later in a coma.