Weird science-fiction dream.

Date: 5/2/2017

By redeyedtreefrog

I dreamt of a strange world, a world where mechanical body parts and genetic engineering are common place among both humans and aliens. It starts with me standing and waiting for a large walking creature that is part human part mechanical and something else. It has to have its lungs replaced, so large genetically modified humans came in and started sucking up air and blowing it back out. The creature itself was large enough to fit close to a hundred people in its seats and had a very large library full of people and a commissary. The creature was able to speak English and move its biological parts with great freedom despite its mechanical parts, its even able to grow small worm like appendages to grab things and talk to people inside it through small mouths. The alien at one point mentioned to one of the staff that it wanted to be human again someday. I was looking for a book on the chupacabra, when I sat down i asked one of the people in seemingly knew. I asked hey just happened to find a book on the subject. The man I asked his name was sheen ( I think I spelt this incorrectly ) and the girl I was next to was named Keira both said no to my question. Sheen is a young man with a buzz cut warm black hair and a muscular build, Keira was a young woman with light brown hair large purple eyes and large breasts and a light build. We go from the creature to a store and sheen is buying snacks and knives and showing off to the cashier by flexing his muscles, as if to assert him self as the alpha male he announced to everyone in the store that from that point forward he was going to put me below him. When I left the store he followed and pulled out a knife and waved it around when my back was turned, I turned around and grabbed his arm and placed my leg below his crotch and pulled downwards so he falls to the ground he gets back up and attacks again and I and put one hand on his head and my leg between his legs and throw him down again, I then told him that I will not be submissive and walked away towards a construction site. Oh and on another strange note I was female in this dream.