Mixed emotions

Date: 1/28/2017

By sreesha

I was in a classroom..it was mostly empty, just 4-5 students and I and the teacher was teaching...I was standing in the middle and sobbing..don't know the reason but I was unhappy about something and I'm sure the others could hear me sniffing but they ignored it. All of a sudden I was in a new house..it was really big and we were cleaning up and all..and this guy came saying he wanted to clean too..I think it was his job or something..but he was studying architecture too..which was confusing. He seemed to be interested in me and was asking a lot of stuff about me and I was generally happy and seemed to be floating around the big new house. Third dream.. My parents and I get to know of an accident..two of my schoolmates are in hospital..badly hurt..one might lose a leg too..its really bad. Fourth dream..I'm in college..suddenly the friends who now I have no contact with...we sort of drifted away..so they are calling out to me and want me back..I'm not sure how this change has come about and I'm apprehensive but I'm also very happy.