Weds. January 4, 2017 Dream

Date: 4/25/2017

By pfmike

The earliest thing I could remember was that  I  was playing call of duty, but I really was in real life. We where on a map that had a stand off vibe to it but the design was different. It was me and someone else against a team, but I for got how much enemies there were. I was using a AN-94 and my teammate was using grenades. Next I g had my sights on this sniper about eliminate him, then the game suddenly ended, we had 9 kill and they were all kills I made, next our opposing to. Me and my teammate that "grenade kill do not count." So that means all the kill my teammate got did not register as points and we loss. 💭(This next part idk if it is part of the previous dream or a different one that I had the same night.)     The most recent thing I remember about the dream is that there was this guy, he had a Caucasian skin complexion, with a mullet that was bald on the top. He was average height, a little skinny but not that skinny, relatively muscular, and was wearing a black hoodie with some black pants. This pircular gentlemen was rapping with a red and black background behind him. 👇Like this 🔴🚶     There was also this girl signing the vocals. I barely remember how she looked all I remember is that she was about the size of my crush that changed classes, but fully grown up. She was signing a song from the Chainsmokers, I don't remember which song though. Next a second girl came out of now where and they started to do some explicit actions, usually found in pornography. Then I woke up from that explicit sight.