Disney themed office

Date: 10/7/2023

By Purple

Many details in my dream. I was working in an office setting and the company was moving to a new location. Furniture was just arriving on a day we were chaotic with work, but I could sense everyone was in a cheerful mood. The furniture was quite immature and tacky, in my opinion, but I kept that to myself. It was Disney themed and had Minnie Mouse on all types of furniture. It looked more like a kid’s classroom than an adult’s workspace. I was realizing the women had Minnie Mouse chairs while the men had Mickey Mouse chairs. I was recently helping a colleague set up an account online. I was afill able to access her account, though she wasn’t with me. I debated telling her what to do or doing it myself. She wasn’t computer savvy, and I thought, “what’s the harm?” I performed the online transaction, then realized she may have just gone to the bank, and now there appear to be two deposits instead of one. But that could cause an overdraft, so I sought her out. I was walking in all the madness and excitement of everyone moving and getting settled in.