Raining people

Date: 7/17/2017

By _TrevorsDreams_

I went up a large flight of stairs and ended up in front of a ship. The ship was huge and in the doorway stood a red headed woman wearing a white button down shirt and a sailors hat. She also had on a navy blue skirt. I walked to get on the ship, but fell through a gap between the ledge and the door way. I teleported mid fall to a doorway of a huge warehouse. It was white with the lower third of it painted navy blue. I walked around it, looking at the people and talking to them. I don't remember what they looked like, only that they were young, id say 10 and 11. One was a girl. The other I don't know. After talking to them I saw the mini map of player unknowns battle grounds and the white circle on it nearing me. On the mini map behind the white circle was a lot (maybe 20 or more) red dots. All of a sudden, the girl started to freak out and shouted things I couldn't understand. I made a break for the other side of the warehouse. I jumped under 2 stories of copper pipes. I saw the girl was froze scared in the middle the room, but I didn't do anything. When the white circle passed over me, and the red dots appeared right above me, people started raining down. They even rained into the warehouse. I stayed safe under the pipes but the girl was pummeled by the raining people. It was then I snapped back to my wake self, a little frightened.