Exes and Puppers

Date: 1/24/2019

By annekos

In this dream, we had to move or go home from vacation or something on that nature, so we’re packing things up. Eventually I meet up with David, my ex from high school. I think I am single in this dream (I’m not single in lucid life) cause when I see David and he kisses me I am don’t feel guilty like I do if he ever visits me in other dreams. We end up in a steamy reunion, making out and telling each other how sad life has been without the other for so many years. Then we continue to pack things, and I realize we have to bring my dog (I don’t have a dog) too! And I think, wow how did I forget about my dog, that’s crazy! He’s like a little mutt style pup with wiry hair. We let him out to go potty in the vineyard next to my house, and a large wolf comes by. I see the wolf going towards my little pup, so I run after the wolf to make sure I can keep my dog safe. The wolf shape shifts into a native woman, either Hawaiian or Native American, and snatches up my dog and begins to run with him! This is the strangest part- as David and I are chasing her to save my dog, she ties the dog around her waist like a sweatshirt, using the dogs tail and leg to fasten him to her body. And then I wake up. ???