javi is back (7/4/19)

Date: 7/5/2019

By jadaking

Javi came over randomly, he was laying in my bed asking me about my room, some international came in to. My parents came home and javi got scared, but we were just in my room and they didn’t even care. He wrapped himself up in my blankets and was asking what was in everyone of my drawers. after we were at half moon, with brittney jordan josh and lauren. We met up with javier and all the internationals too cuz we both took our own cars, i remember seeing alvaro bike. we were chilling in the back by the river, josh k and ashton showed up too same with sean and his friends. My car was so gross and javi and i were sitting in there, i remember getting out to go see brittney in another car. Javi was controlling the music in my car and brittneys car so i kept running back to both cars. The police came cuz they were looking for someone and they had to flip my car over, i remember getting so mad cuz i had so much shit in my car i started to cry, Javier came over and held me tightly while my car was turned over to see if a human was under it. Javi and i drove up to this hill side in my car and parked the car, we talked and made out, he wanted to go get food so he drove, he ended up hitting two cars behind us lol, we took of and i remember meeting dylan sven and josh k at pineridge hollow.