Man in the attic

Date: 5/19/2017

By castaway195

from the ceiling came scratching noises, like there were mice in the attic. I slammed a book into it trying to scare them away so I could sleep. instead something told me to knock it off. I became terrified that there was a homeless man now living in my attic, I quickly ran outside, terrified. the man presented himself, he had long blonde curly hair, a leather jacket and offended by me left on his motorbike In the driveway that I never noticed before. I tried calling the police, didn't work. I consulted my friends that arrived in the basement, discussing various ways to get rid of them. (I say friends BC they're people I know IRL except for one person who I don't talk to anymore) they suggested I call the police. I told them I had done that, but decided to try again anyway. I told the 911 operator the situation, but she didn't want to waste police time with it and she hung up on me. at this point I was very frustrated and had no idea how to get rid of the man living in my attic