Weird... 1

Date: 2/13/2017

By Corvus

I was guiding my brother into a call center to apply, when a pair of bully has stopped us. They have ordered us to to go back, but we disobeyed and stole their motorbike running away from them. When we got home to another location, we have started training for the next time we meet with the bullies. One day, I had found out that my brother was suffering from lack of (power?/Life?). We had set out to find a way to cure him. We had found a way, and we have started to visit those two locations. On the first location there was a lot of dogs, barking, but we were able to get the orbs. On the Second location, there was a lot of little kids/girls. IDK why but I have patting their heads gently over and over. End of Dream