Most emotional dream

Date: 7/12/2017

By alondrahay

I ran away from home to another country (it seems like India but I'm not sure) and was force into illegal prostitution my brother try to come save me but he had Benjamin syndrome which cost him to slowly become younger by the time he found me he became just a helpless baby so I made up my mind to keep this baby even though I didn't know he was my brother I took care of him like he was my baby and I escape from that place and run to a bay with a last boat about to take off I ask them how much is the ticket, can you get me there I have no money, they refuse so I start to panic and break down and cry so loud I don't know what to do anymore It was so hard for me to come this long and I don't want to go back not with this baby. Eventually one lady come to wrap her arm around my shoulder she sit down next to me and said she's gonna help me and put some money in my hand. I thank her so many time with tears down my face I am very appreciate of her kindness and suddenly I woke up and for the first time I find my self already crying and sobbing from the dream before I even awake and my hand is holding tightly for money I got from the dream but it wasn't there anymore but even though I know it's just a dream but it was so emotional that I can't get over it I cry for another 10 minutes because it was so surreal with those pain from being kept and force to work as prostitude and the helpless baby brother but the most important part is the appreciation for the kind lady that had help me. Sorry for bad English I'm not very good at it, hope you understand.