Date: 7/18/2017

By Rigby

I open my eyes and I'm in a strange room. I have almost no memory of anything. I leave the room. I ask the first person I see where I am. They don't say anything. The whole dream is mute, aside from one or two people. I rush around asking people, begging them to tell me. I get to what looks like a nurses station. I ask what's going on. "Why, you're being studied for people with dementia". I'm extremely confused. I'm forgetful, sure, but I don't have dementia. I run away from her. There seem to be a lot of orderlies, but they are not in scrubs. They are dressed in street clothes, trying to disguise themselves like us. I find a cute girl with a Mohawk. I ask her what is happening. She hands me what looks like a wig. I touch my hair and realize that they shaved my head. I look at her, and realize her Mohawk is a wig too. I throw my wig on the ground. The rest of the dream is me trying to cause mayhem and chaos. I don't remember many details tho.