Date: 7/22/2017

By ;)

I dreamt that I was tired of dealing with my closest friend so I told him that I'm done and we just straight up stop being friends. Then I had another dream where I was fighting off monsters in like this facility but it was all outdoors. The monsters themselves looked similar to dogs but much larger and mutated. But then we were also fighting off the robots that guarded the facility so it was like a three front war. I was with like two other people and our goal was to capture the man in charge of the place. When we finally reached him he caught us and explained that it wasn't his fault that this was happening. We trusted him and then somehow managed to beat all the beasts. Then I was in Italy and I wanted to go swimming. I went down to the beach and saw a woman and a man teaching a class so I got closer. They were painting on each other's bodies but you couldn't see the paint. I got closer again and asked what was happening and they said it was easier to just demonstrate and one of the students jumped in the water and as they floated there all the paint on their body came to life. It was a painting of the sky on his body. I asked if I could join and they accepted gladly. Then after I had been painted I jumped into the water and swam for a while before someone called for me. It was the man I had worked with in the outbreak in my previous dream. He wanted to take a picture of me but just as I started posing the dream ended.