demon kids

Date: 1/25/2017

By kidden

I was watching a documentary about this haunted house in the country where a girl had a baby with her brother and the baby was basically the devil and the parents of the girl were trying to be supportive. When I walked outside my house looked exactly like the one in the documentary and I was pregnant I knew it was with my brothers kids when I had the babies I had three and they all looked very different from me and they all were very pale with stringy black hair pointy teeth and all black eyes. We threw a party and my babies ate everyone at the party when I left the room. I left the house to go on a walk with my dad and somehow the townspeople knew what had happened they were following me and my dad and I was ashamed it was the olden days so the police of the town came up to us and was saying all these terrible things about how I was a slut and how it was all my fault that the boys in town all wanted me. I started crying because I didn't want any of this then pulled out a pistol an d I did too he started trying to shoot me and my dad so I shot him but he wouldn't stop. He kept shooting me and finally I got up and grabbed the gun from him and he was trying to tell my dad I was a slut and I shot him. Then my dad and I went home and the house looked cheery for some reason and all my real family was outside with paper lanterns and all and I was really relieved to see them.