Moving to my best friend

Date: 8/8/2019

By dreamdreamEm

My grandma just died. my sisters in college. i just turned 15. my mom won the lottery. what other way to start 2020 than to move from north carolina to flordia. Specifically Tamarac Fl. where my online best friend, Ri, lives. I told no one of the events that had happened to i planned to surprise him. We had somehow found a house right across the street from him that was perfect for us. As soon as we got to the house, we let the movers get to work and i immediately walked over to his house. His mom answered the door asking who i was and what i needed. i said i was the new people who moved across the street and i’m also friends with her son. I told her how i was surprising him about me being here, she let me in and informed me that he would probably be sitting in a desk facing away from the door so it would be perfect. i opened his door quietly and shut it again, he was clearly focused playing roblox so he didn’t notice me. i set my phone up on his nightstand beside the door and started recording since i wanted to make sure to get his reaction recorded. i walked over behind his chair and wrapped my arms around him for a second before he jumped. he turned around and stared at me for a minute before saying “your actually here??” which i replied to by just smiling and nodding. he then stood up and hugged me, he’s 6ft while i’m 5’7 so it was a good hug, we hugged for a while before seeing my phone and walking away to grab it. the group chat were in together started blowing up so we quickly discussed that we wouldn’t tell them about me moving here and we’ll just see how long it takes for them to notice. we were goofing off for a while before he hugged me randomly again but grabbed me in a way to pick me up, so i wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me to his vanity dresser and said we should take a picture. he asked if i would be okay with him putting his hands on my butt and i, catching on to the type of pictures he wanted, said as long as i can put my lips on his neck. so we took a picture in the mirror that made it look like i was giving him a hickey and he was grabbing my but looking down licking his lips. it was a really good picture that we just laughed off cause we’re just friends. shortly after my mom called telling me it’s time to decorate our house so i gave ri a hug and said goodbyes to him and his mom and walked across the street, home.