Fighting off Rapists

Date: 3/7/2019

By bookishwarmth

It was in the middle of the night in my dream and I had to go pee, the bathroom is right around the corner so I didn’t bother turning on any lights. I sat down on the toilet and did my business only something frightening was in my doorway. 2 large men were standing there watching me pee, I was so scared I couldn’t even fathom what was happening. “You’re brother sold you for 10 dollars, we’re going to rape you.” They just were standing there watching me sit there terrified, as if it was amusing, and I was trying to scream for help but my chest was so caught in fear my voice box could only produce a raspy low scream. I was wondering why my boyfriend wasn’t here to save me. I was desperate. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I stood up and grabbed something hard off of my counter top, I smashed one of them over the head and was throwing hands. I was wearing shorts and a cardigan that was open on he front, and every time he got the chance he was slapping my boob. It was disgusting, why was he treating me like I was useless, that I am like a pesky dog jumping on his leg. I raged. I fought harder, I managed to get around him by climbing over him, and ran downstairs to get help and tell what just happened. My grandmother and my boyfriend came upstairs to analyze the situation, I gave them knives from the kitchen, but the rapists were hiding somewhere. We thought they had weaseled their way into a corner or something like that, so we checked every nook around the couch. Suddenly had the idea to check the attic space, my boyfriend did and there was a sound of ruckus going on in there. He comes out with a stabbed woman who was a part of the rapist crew. My boyfriend goes downstairs to handle her. I now knew that there were two men hiding in my house, who bought me for 10 dollars, and are waiting to rape me, they already degraded my body by slapping my boobs and I loathe them. I tie up my cardigan and go in for the kill, knife above my head I was about to go in. But I had to go downstairs first, I was nervous they would escape. I hurried back up ready to find them, but my dream ended.