Digital art, After storming off from her church group, a frustrated young woman heads inside a gas station to get a soda, only to encounter a mysterious and disapproving gaze from her normally kind-hearted youth pastor and his wife.

Snapped on a friend

Date: 7/15/2017

By Hikertrash48

I was with a group from my church. We were stopped at a gas station so I figured I could go in and get a soda while I wait for our leaders to get gas. As I'm getting ready to get out one of the girls said she had to go to the bathroom. When I told her that there was bathrooms inside she just looked shocked, and bolted for the doors. When I was making my way across the parking lot I noticed our youth pastor and his wife getting gas and they were just giving me this hateful look. It's rather odd since there really nice people in reality. I walk over to just see what the problem is. When I reach them they asked where my group was. That question caused me to snap. I answered "Why the crap do I still have to be in a group when you let someone who just turned 18 run off on her own! Other than the fact that I'm a year older than her I've been trying to prove that I can be trusted as an adult, but it's gotten me nothing!" With that I walked off and got my soda. That's where the dream ended.

AI generated interpretation The dream you described appears to reflect feelings of frustration, a desire for recognition, and a sense of being overlooked or unappreciated. The setting of the dream, a gas station, can symbolize a transient or temporary stage in your life or a pause in your journey. The presence of your church group suggests that you may feel part of a community or have specific expectations placed upon you due to your involvement in a religious or spiritual context. The initial interaction with the girl who needed to use the bathroom could represent a situation where you are trying to provide helpful information or guidance, but your efforts are not fully recognized or appreciated. This may reflect a pattern in your waking life where you give advice or support, only to be disregarded or not taken seriously. The encounter with your youth pastor and his wife, who appear to give you a hateful look, may symbolize feelings of disapproval or judgment from figures of authority or respected individuals in your life. This could represent a fear of not meeting their expectations or a perception that your efforts to prove yourself have gone unnoticed or unacknowledged. Your outburst in response to being questioned about your group's whereabouts suggests a build-up of frustration and a longing for independence and recognition as an adult. It seems that you are seeking validation for your abilities and desire to be treated as a responsible individual capable of making decisions on your own. The dream ending with you walking off and getting your soda may signify a sense of self-assurance and a need for some self-care or personal time. It could also suggest a resolution to the conflict within the dream, where you choose to prioritize your own needs and desires instead of seeking external validation. Overall, this dream reflects feelings of frustration, longing for recognition, and a desire for independence and trust. It may be helpful to explore these emotions in your waking life and consider ways to assert yourself, communicate your needs, and seek validation and acknowledgment from the people who matter to you.