Giant spiders for pets

Date: 3/24/2019

By k8thinksyouregr8

I was walking through my house when I notice that there is a spider the size of a cat that is roaming around. I absolutely lose it and begin to freak out. I’m not afraid of spiders usually, but I hate the idea of giant ones. My roommate comes out and asks what the big deal is. I point to the spider and yell, “look at that giant spider!!! Where did it come from, and how did it get that big??” My roommate is confused, “what are you upset about? This is our new house spider. Everyone has one.” Another one of my roommates chime in and show my a news clip, where the news anchor informs that, “if you leave spiders alone for long enough, they will grow to be the size of a cat. Be sure to check the back of your closets, I’m sure you have a new, cute pet back there!” I continue to freak out, and lock myself in my room and scroll through various apps trying to take my mind off of this giant spider in my house. As I am scrolling, I begin to see that everyone is posting pictures of their new giant pet spiders. I start to feel grossed out, and throw my phone on the ground and leave my room. As I am walking through my house, I notice that the spider is crawling around and making intricate, beautiful webs all over the place. All of my roommates are saying how cute it is, and talking about how much they love our new house spider. I absolutely hate this, and leave the house. Shortly after I leave, as I am walking through the neighborhood, I see everyone outside is walking their giant spiders and having a blast. Houses are covered in webs, and people are taking pictures of the webs and their cute new pets. I begin to freak out again, and yell out, “am I the only one who doesn’t like this?!?” Everyone looks at me like I am crazy. It is obvious that I am alone in my feelings regarding people keeping giant spiders as pets, and that this is a new thing that I am just going to have to get used to.