Date: 4/26/2017

By tiptipkitten

There was like thirty dreams in one night and almost all of them involved some sort of sea thing. I'll right down the scenes I remember Me and my two siblings Luke and Alena were swimming around in this pool when out it was closing time and the water started rising. I swam into the first door I saw but my siblings weren't with me I swam around trying my best to find air but I was slowly losing it. I don't remember how I survived but I must've found air and then the water level dropped again and I saw my siblings. I ran to hug them and I told them I thought they were dead. Scene 2 I woke up inside my dream and me and my friend gabe walked to the corner store and I told him about the tank dream. Scene 3 I was swimming and I heard voices saying I'll never make it when someone tapped my shoulder I looked up and saw some of my family sitting at the beach looking at me. The person who tapped me pointed toward the island I was trying to swim to and they told me it was to far. I looked over there and to my eyes it seemed pretty close but I took my family's word for it. Scene 4 I woke up at my brothers house and his fiancé Alissa was there. I was thirsty so I grabbed a cup and for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to scoop it out of the fish tank (even though there's not one at his house) so I grabbed a cup, scooped it out and was about to take a sip when I looked inside and saw these white krill looking things in side of it so I went back to the tank and looked in the cup again and saw some fish were In there to so I dump them in the tank as well. I took my cup and went to the real facet and while I was filling up my cup I told Alissa about one of my dreams Scene 5 I was batman and I think I saved a little girl and then told her off for doing something I didn't like she then glared at me and told me to get out. I left. For some reason I was now watching the little girl and I was nowhere to be seen. I saw her dress up as batman but it looked more like a purple one piece swim suit. She went out and tried to fight crime when all of a sudden a different batman with a very off brand costume and a slightly chubby figure came out and helped her finish the job. He complemented her and she just about glowed with happiness. I was confused on how she didn't notice that he's not the real batman. They went out side and something happened with a tarp that I can't quite remember. Scene 6 I think this one was between scene 1 and scene 3 but o don't know. I don't remember the beginning but I was in this train and I decided I want to go to the end so o went to the end and I was in a really small square cart with benches on every side. That's all I remember.