Dead Body Disposal

Date: 3/31/2019

By dreamsarecooliguess

Okay, so the beginning is kind of fuzzy but I think there was a missing girl. Basically, Ariel Castro had killed her and stuffed her in my bed without me knowing. I don't know how long her body was there before I found it, but I know it had been there a while. I found it but I really didn't want to look or smell, so I started crying and ran to tell my mom. She was very understanding and I promised that I wasn't the one who killed her. She came into my room and said she'd take care of it. She began to unwrap the girl but I shrieked and told her to wait untill I left. She did. I left and was wandering around for a while, crying and breathing through my mouth. It occurred to me that my mom might be scarred for life after doing what she was doing. (She was cutting the body into smaller peices) I was outside at Cecily's house now and my mom came up behind me. I freaked out and she said that she took care of it. At this point, my mom turned into Lena from the Fosters. She said that we should go to grandma's house. I agreed and sat directly behind her in the truck. I was so confused how she could have disposed of the body that fast. As I buckled, something touched my bare thigh. It was a black trash bags right next to me. I asked if this is the body and she said yes. She said that it doesn't smell because she used a lot of air freshener. I totally freaked out. I jumped out of the car and began to throw up. Lena jumped out and Stef appeared walking up the drive way. She asked what was wrong and Lena said that my birth control pills were acting up. (I've never taken birth control pills) but I guess in my dream I did. And then they had a casual conversation about how I haven't had sex in 3 and 1/2 months so I should get a reward. It was weird. Stef jumped into the seat next to the bag and I freaked out, but Lena said it would be okay. I asked what we were going to do with it and she said we were gonna throw it in a ditch. I got to sit up front this time next to Lena. I looked back, and the trash bags had now turned into a tightly sealed box to my relief. But stef was fiddling with it and shaking it and stuff. I was panicking but Lena seemed completely unphased. Then I woke up.