Sea + mountain

Date: 5/27/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

I was staying at this beach which looked like a better version of Cerenova. As usual I had to be careful not to hit a rock or step on one so I was having a bath with my mother when all of a sudden there was this strange fish which was flat and circular, and brown colored. I tried not to step on it. And noticed there were some labels on other things that I had to avoid and at a certain point I saw the label "meningitis" and freaked out. Got out of the water and left the beach with my mother. We then packed and went up to the mountains. In the middle of nothing, on the side of the road there are two big cars with a screen in front of them, like those of old style fun parks. One was golden and the other one was silver. I had to choose between them. I remember not liking at all some buttons of the golden one but then I saw that the silver one had the exact same ones so overall I just choose the golden one. They looked like they were made to play battleship with them. I had already seen them somewhere else.