I fight an Asmr-YouTuber and try not to drown with Dolly Parton while trying to find my work place.

Date: 7/1/2017

By sketchtwitch

I dreamt that when I got back to work everything changed. Nothing was in the same place. The dish pit I work in was in a flooded basement I almost downed twice trying to get to it. Also Dolly Parton was following me around trying to get to the kitchen and I was trying to discover how to get there. I kept asking people I worked with and they gave me very vague or disinterested answers. I also, in the same dream, dreamt that Karuna Satori the asmr youtuber and her boyfriend treated me like shit and I got into a fight with them. I tried to get Karuna Satori to hit me first so I could beat the shit out of her and she refused. (Which is weird because I've never had a negative thought about Karuna. )