astral project

Date: 3/9/2017

By nexus

it was two in the morning and I didn't expect anything to happen that night since my sleep cycle has been messed up for the past couple of days. so I was pretty much knocked out until all of a sudden I felt like my hands float up which usually happens when I'm about to astral project and I didn't have a super bad sleep paralysis matter of fact it almost felt like I was controlling what pops up around me, so I was still super tired and since it has to be a balance of consciousness and your body being sleep I knew either it's gonna take all I got to get out or I'm gonna pass out trying and I sort of got caught up in my surroundings cuz I was still in my room and I was moving my hands which never happened before they usually just float up I also was moving my head and eyes and I saw my tv was still on which it was when I went to sleep and than some weird stuff happened, I don't really know if it's on order since my brain is kind of scrambled but I started to get transported to different places and points in time like earlier that day I had deja vu and then during the astral projection I saw the same things so idk how that t works, but after that all I wanted to do was get more sleep since this night felt like it lasted longer than my whole day and the whole experience was only about I would say 5 minutes so I guess time was dilated as well