My Strip Club Experiences On TV

Date: 5/5/2017

By uhknowhu

It was dark , Me and my brother were having a walk down the street. As walking, I saw bunch of people standing at a visible distance. I identified one of them as my friend, told my brother that it was my friend Faizan standing with his friends. We approached him, had a short convo and went into a open circle, which was made of bones or branches. Where we were asked money to enter, which I gave them. Inside, I saw 2 guys and 3 girls, Faizan told me they were his friends. As I entered, one of the 3 girls, was naked and was playing with her boobs to please the boys sitting, It was more like open air private strip club. I sat down and watched the girl strip and masturbate. The next girl was skinny and bent over and started fingering her pussy. THE STRIP CULB SCENE ENDED THERE. The next movement I was with my family watching TV. As I was watching TV, It started showing everything I've seen in the Strip Club, I was shocked and hell I was with my family. I had the remote, tried to turn of the TV. It went off for 2 seconds and the TV was On again showing what I saw at the Strip Club. Tried several times but no, it was ON again. So this ends my dream 1 of today