June 9th

Date: 6/9/2017

By kailiepotter

i was in the car with ollie and jess, jess was in the back seat and we were heading to sunday sesh in manly. i was annoyed about something? i found out i had forgotten my id but encouraged the others to go.... we arrived at the mall to drop jess off?? and i was handing back her eftpos card and it broke. jess started screaming at me and i snapped into a tantrum, ollie was telling me to get over it and was being horrible. i get out of the car and run off. im trying to find a lighter to have a smoke but because i dont have my id, i cant find one. my brother shows up and we go on a skii lift which turns into a roller coaster. after the roller coasted my brother found a bunch of warm jackets and starts sellimg them because everyone is cold. it turns into a desert and no one is around besides me and my brother. a group of animals wander over there was an encloser with frogs which i was looking at but the frog jumps over the encloser and runs away... i then realise there is water behind me the animals are trying to get too so we all go over there. then i woke up.