Date: 2/3/2017

By vernierj14

I was a student at Hogwarts on a ship traveling to drumstrang with some other students for the trip wizard tournament.i was like the next Fleur. part veela and favorite to win. after getting a little tipsy with the fellow Slytherin's and dancing on a table with Draco we noticed the wards around our underwater ship slipping. making the water come into the boat. myself and a couple other students tried to investigate. I ended up cramped in a crawl space at the very bottom of the ship with a few other witches. while trying to turn around I brushed hands with another one of the girls and lost myself. I kissed her. the other girls where shocked. it only meant one thing. she was my intended. a mate with perfect comparability. and I ran. sprinted back up to the çommons and into my bed and shut it out.