Catch me

Date: 9/8/2019

By LucyElla

I wasn't me in this dream I didn't know who I was I just knew I'm an adult, I was apart of this society which were trying to defend yourselves from anything bad. Our main goal was this big almost monster like thing he was almost human also not, no one knew exactly what he was all we knew was that he was very powerful and we couldn't let him take any of us but for some reason he was set on catching me and I was in the forest which was surrounding most of our base. The dream then changed suddenly I had been cought by him but managed to get away. I needed the help of a little girl who had the power of connecting to animals she could turn people into them but only if she liked you I needed her help to get across a river. She turned me into a fish I didn't have long I needed to go across the stones that moved with the waves while trying go talk to her i wanted to let her know what my personality was like so she can trust me if I ever needed her help again.