World War What

Date: 6/4/2017

By drunchee

Me and all my classmates and teachers are at a playground of sorts, sourrounded by a thin layer of trees, behind us; a huge brick building. Apparently we're fighting demigods/god forces, like in Percy Jackson. The nature spirits, like storms and stuff are everywhere. Earlier me and some others, most notably Tiana, are climbing up a stoney hill, and I said "Nigger" as a joke, and she got super mad. So anyhow, eventually we ditch the playground fort and we go in the brick building; probably for shelter against the storm. The building is like a fancy huge hotel, with red carpet and yellowish walls, and me and some boys sneak away and find Ayden, who is like Luke from Percy Jackson, turned evil and helping the angry gods and stuff. He's in a white tank top and is all buff and stuff. Me and the good demigods are in the same building as the evil demigods? Crazy. One of Ayden's men, a kid with blonde hair, charges, and I brutally murder him. I grab him, and attempt to snap his neck. I partially succeed and end up bashing his face on the ground until he's dead. After death, he becomes a remote control which me and Brody destroy. We tell Mr. Rose about me killing him at a meeting with all the classmates. I remember boasting about how I killed an evil kid. Mr. Rose laughed but warned me to kill fast and try not to be mailicious, for it would be a sin to kill unjustly.