Drowning in Nail Polish

Date: 8/9/2017

By KaicBachelder

I sat on the edge of the bathtub, painting my toes with blue nail polish. The water was running, for I was going to take a relaxing bath after wards. suddenly I heard a noise outside the window of my bathroom and I was startled by a man, the same man whom interferes in all my dreams, johnny, came bursting through the window. He broke the glass and not s scratch on him. He immediately shoved me inside the bathtub and held my head down the water had been running for a while but for some reason in this situation it wasn't enough water to cover my head and drown me. My head hit the bottom of the tub and the water surrounded me. Johnny held me down. He grabbed the nail polish and poured it toward my nostrils, the polish sank down my nose and throat and then he forced my face toward the water so I was forced to hold my breath and until I could no longer hold it, I took a breath in of the water and nail polish stinging my lounges. It was thick and strong of chemicals. I choked up the paint as he filled me over drowning in nail polish, and then he threw my body onto the edge of the windowsill with the jagged broken glass that sliced threw me. He jabbed a piece of the glass into my side and threw my bleeding wet body out the window into the snow face down.