Return From the Ends of the Galaxy

Date: 1/29/2017

By Fitful

I dreamt I was thrown to the ends of the galaxy by some device or method, it happened instantaneously. I had quite a few people with me and it was a trek of some sort. We had to do something to affect the political climate back home. I was after something. I did manage to acquire it, whatever it was, and we all were headed back but the going was slow. Many were interested in stopping us. We got thrown in jail several times, but escaped each time. I think this pretty guard let me out deliberately once. For some reason my character shone lily white. I refused to fight back when we were attacked, something about believing in non violence, and I remained annoyingly positive and innocent. At least my companions thought so, there were quite a few disparaging remarks. There was this one spot where I went down this long corridor. It was miles high and wide, made of stone, and part of it was exposed to space, the rest went in and out of a mountain full of a scientific laboratory. I was sent this way on my own to make it across, and then the others would join me instantly. I was stalked by weird nebulous creatures who wanted me, as if I was a shiny toy. Apparently for some reason all the monsters of the universe were attracted to me, or something inside me. I'm not sure why I was so important in the scheme of things but the expedition didn't all love me or anything but did try to get me back specifically. I had to deliver something back to earth. What it was I have no idea.