Date: 8/11/2019

By woahthatwasedgy

So me and some friends went to Disney world. And there was a haunted room thing. We decided to go into it. We got passed the door, and then it opened up to train tracks. We had to go get wood or something so we had to go past the train tracks. There was a guy in a lake with a Swedish flag. Basically we almost died like a lot of times. And we decided to ditch the wood and go back through the haunted room. We used our flashlights on our phones and went into the room. Then our flashlights went out. The doors locked. And one of our friends was gone( I guess this was the guy I liked). We had to look for a key to get out. To speed things up I finally got a key but I needed my friend who was missing to leave with us. We found him but If we looked in his eyes he would kill us. Ultimately I looked in his eyes but he didn’t kill me because he loved me. Then I woke up. Idk if I got out.