Vivid Dream of Car Accident on Highway and Reuniting with Ex/I Predict Imminent Future??

Date: 8/21/2019

By pinkstar16121

June 28th I remember being on this heavily trafficked highway and the lighting seemed off sort of; it had a yellowish tint to it. There was crazy traffic on both sides of the highway in all lanes. I suddenly heard sirens coming from behind me, and a few seconds later I saw this guy speeding on my right, several lanes down from me. He was the only one on the road moving somehow with traffic surrounding him. It was making me anxious. Then I saw a police car and I think a fire truck a few lanes down to my left. They were just stopped there when I saw them, but I heard the sirens. Why they weren't moving and trying to get over to the guy who was speeding was beyond me. I thought I had seen a cop car chasing him, but I just remember getting a close-up view of him despite his distance from me. He looked quite amused as he sped down the clogged up freeway, like a naughty kid getting away with something. Then, it was the weirdest thing. It must have been super noisy before with the sirens, and the sound of the guy speeding, and there must have been horns honking, because all of a sudden, I became aware of just total silence all throughout the highway, no car engines running, nothing. Everyone on the highway had their attention drawn to the cops who were now on the other side of the highway and what now was an accident scene that appeared by the cop cars on my left. A female cop spoke to all of us and everyone heard her, despite there being no amplifying sound device used. It was the most surreal thing. She brought to everyone's attention that there had been an accident, and there were some dead bodies that apparently were pretty gruesome. I think they had actually transported the bodies from the speeding guy's side, where it had clearly happened, to the emergency vehicle's side (I think there was an ambulance now too). I don't know why they didn't just drive over to the accident scene, but the lane they were in was wide open with no cars, and it had suddenly become reserved for them alone to splay out the crime scene (the guy had killed these people). I saw a man's body that was on the less gruesome side. Everyone was very upset about the accident. I remember the cop trying to explain it to us and console us. I also remember suddenly walking with this woman by all these yellow trucks, and we were trying to get on one. They were like those delivery trucks, like UPS or food haul and delivery trucks. We couldn't get on them though because of what was going on, and we were talking about how it was unfair. We felt discriminated against. Then the woman was gone, and I was back to the accident scene. I noticed a glowing red light that no sooner turned green, and then the cop suddenly told us, "Actually, everything is okay. Nobody was killed." Everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief, but once everyone started walking away, the cop realized she shouldn't have said that, and her partner knew she shouldn't have either. She tried calling to everyone, yelling, "wait! No, you need to hear the truth!" The liar cop was just trying to cover up the sad reality, but her partner knew we need to know the sad truth about tragedies, and we can't be sheltered from it. However, her calls were to no avail. I was then sitting on my walker, and I was magically indoors, but it was still the same scene with the same crowd. I, then, suddenly felt someone behind me, and I looked and saw it was my ex. He was touching and checking out my walker. I felt happy to see him and also happy, for some reason, that he was curious about my walker. I guess, in a way, I felt like he was showing me that he cared and was curious about me. He then pulled my walker with me on it over to a wall, away from the crowd of people. I then stood up fully to face him and his face was so clear to me. I noticed he wasn't wearing any glasses again like in the movie scene. "Hey!" I said, surprised and happy to see him. I was, then, caught off guard when he pulled me in for a long hug, which felt so good! I hugged him back. I don't remember much dialogue between us, but I do remember hearing his voice. I don't remember if he said "it's good to see you" or he asked me how I've been or I asked him. He then took me to his house and on the way, I heard something about his mom dating this guy named Bob and I thought it was weird because my mom is dating a guy named Bob. I didn't even think about what happened with his dad. I don't know if they were divorced or not in the dream. I just didn't think anything of that. When we got home, his aunt was there who I, at first, thought was his mom, but I was thinking she didn't look like his mom. Also, in the dream she was his grandmother although, in real life, she is his aunt. I was trying to open something and, after a few minutes, she noticed and asked me if I needed help. I think she then, proceeded to help me. She was then gone and it was just me and my ex. I was holding this stuffed bunny that wore this blue denim hat. I accidentally dropped the hat off its head behind this piece of furniture, but I noticed it still wore a hat identical to the one I'd just dropped. I then started to talk to my ex about the movie he was in, and I told him he did a great job. I don't remember anything he said or if he said anything. The last part I remember I was looking for some syrup in a pantry at their house that looked different from their house in real life, and I found a basically empty bottle of Aunt Jemima. "You need some more syrup," I said. Then, I woke up. I say I predicted the future because later that morning, my mom and I had blueberry pancakes, and I realized we had no syrup.