dream about dreaming?

Date: 2/19/2017

By nomosia

I mean it was really short and it wasn't very vivid so I can't really call it a lucid dream. But I was standing in a white kitchen making coffee for Renee and I (i think Renee is a dream character). I have two cups with the coffee in but for some reason I'm making it like tea because the coffee is in tea bags. I can't pour the water in, my hands won't let me. Renee is behind me and I hear her kind of chanting like : "It's okay , don't worry, If you pour the water you can stay here with us." Over and over. I still can't pour the water and she looks disappointed but then she grabs my arm and pulls me out of the white room. There is the sports team from one of my favourite books on an orange sofa talking, but they are far away and I can't reach them or hear what they are saying. I know that I want to but I don't know how. 'Andrew' appears next to me and he looks like Renees twin, both blonde with dark eyes. He stands with me and watches the others for a bit and the scene changes- well more accurately it gets wider and I look up to see that the orange sofa isn't in a room indoors at all but on a cliff, the sky is dark, the sea is churning below and across the water there is a dark island. Andrew notices me looking at the island. He tells me that I know how to get there if I want to, and I do want to, but I can't understand what he's saying. He takes my hand and the feel of it grounds me in the dream, Renee appears on the other side to take my left hand. I know what they want me to do, but I can't, not yet. (I cant remember what it was they wanted me to do I just remember the feeling of conviction.) They both look sad but Andrew smiles and says "Next time" and the dream ends. I have a feeling that what they 'wanted me to do' was control the dream so that I can have conversations with the characters from the novel but I couldn't.