Takeaway Explosion

Date: 1/28/2017

By SwaggyBoy9

I was at my family's takeaway shop that we owned just helping out and all. My mum was hiding when my dad snapped at her and asked what she's doing, she said nothing but was scared and pointed at the gas cylinder that was near the door and was accidentally left on, with open flames in the same room! My dad went there and turned off the cylinder. Nothing happened, the place didn't explode, thankfully. But suddenly, I remember my dad rushing outside with something, maybe it was the cylinder.. Something went wrong, there was gonna be an explosion, I thought it was going to be inside the takeaway so I rushed outside with my family and... BOOM! My dad had threw the cylinder outside which exploded in the glass, leaving a massive crater. Everyone from the takeaway and outside rushed inside and came through the back door and saw what happened. Then one of our relatives mentioned something about taking a holiday.. I was on the ground, I almost slipped into the crater, and as I was getting up.. I Woke Up.