Not My Baby

Date: 5/21/2017

By incurableflame

I had different dreams in one without a linear plot, so bear with me. In my dream, a cousin of mine had a baby girl. I was in their house and there was lots of people there - it was a busy household, and there was a family dog around as well. Suddenly, baby girl, who had just eaten, pooped her diaper. There was nobody else around. I took her in my arms and tried looking for her mother, without avail. So I took upon the task of cleaning her up myself. In the same dream was a young man, idk who? But after playing outside he got a heart attack or stroke. He was shaking violently while I held him steady in my arms, commanded someone to call 911. Finally, I had a dream I was starring in a historical movie set in the 1700s, possibly about Marie Antoinette, and had come in historical costume with a bunch of other girls to learn some basic French before the shoot. We were taught how to write French in old cursive and I panicked because I ran out of space in my copybook... I had nowhere to write.