The little girl

Date: 4/12/2017

By jxmxnajxo

It was winter. I don't know what gender I was but I think I switched genders a few times or I switched between woman and omniscient point of view. I was at a nice house with another woman or i was her and two little girls probably age 4 and 7. Big windows, a door in the front, a door in the back. Suddenly men in black clothes and black baseball hats were coming. I noticed that they were after the girls especially the younger one. I fought the first guy that came and was outside. After that I went outside and around the house. Another one came and I kinda was invisible because he didn't notice me when he spied on us. He made a move because the youngest girl was outside. I told her to run inside, the door was open and I ran too. We got inside a second before that guy got to the door. In omniscient POV I knew that there was another man around and that guy fought the one in front of the door. Somehow we trusted him and let him inside. He told us that he will bring us to a safe place. We arrived and it was a huge dark room completely out of cement with two rectangular holes in the ground filled with a little bit of water. We were not scared. That guy introduced us to a woman she was a bit older and had either white or brown hair. They told me to go and change and I did. That guy went inside one hole and I went into the other one. We laid down and the water reached to our ears. They were talking about doing tests with that 4 year old for constructing medicine or something and we would have an advantage after publishing it like get the formula or something. Outside of the building some kind of SWAT team was waiting to get inside. There was one man wearing a lightbrown leather jacket who was earlier in the dream. He was someone who knew this would happen and wanted to save us before these guys attacked us in the house. Outside I saw that this building was a piece of an enormous property build like a prison. I woke up in real life.