Stolen From

Date: 2/27/2019

By RoccoDelucci

I’m in my best friend Devon’s car with my other best bro Jeremy and we’re driving around having a grand time. When I remember that I left my car somewhere. I started thinking on it, and randomly pulled out some flower from my pocket. The bag is inflated and it’s all shaky and looks bad. Devon sees it and tells me he’d rather not have that in the car while driving. I apologize, and then he asked me to hold his cigarettes. I said yes and then at the next stoplight I saw my car to the right of us in a parking lot with the driver door open, the trunk, it’s lower to the ground, and the hood was open. I got pissed and already knew what had gone down. Devon apologized and I threw down my keys on the floorboard of his ride. I hop out at the light and start heading across the intersection that has no cars driving on it. It’s probably 10-11 pm. I dropped all of Devon’s cigarettes and my bud and barely picked it all up due to how disoriented I am. I mean I can barely see straight. So Devon and Jeremy turn back around and come to my car and see what has happened. My tires were gone, my engine, the seats, the trunk was empty. I was furious. Then all the sudden I’m in my loft and trying to call my fiancé. Ninja the gamer is on television in a scary movie I’ve seen before but can’t remember the name of. And he’s yelling and screaming and it’s still late so I shut it off because it was freaking me out and I really really wasn’t in the mood. She picks up my call and was breathing heavy in fear and crying and I couldn’t make out anything she was saying. I start to panic and ask her questions over and over and she won’t answer me. Then I wake up.